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5 Ways to Jumpstart the School Year with High-Quality Curricula

The back-to-school season presents the perfect blank slate for rethinking curriculum and finding new strategies for student success. As you return to the classroom this fall, consider these five ways to jumpstart the school year with a high-quality curriculum designed for knowledge building.

#1: Aim for fluency — not just literacy — in mathematics:

Fluency in math means not just knowing what process or steps to use when solving a problem, but understanding why that process works. Students become fluent in math—as they do in any other subject—by following a course of study that builds their knowledge of the subject, logically and thoroughly. Eureka Math®, previously known as EngageNY Math, does just that through a rigorous approach to mathematics, encouraging critical thinking and real-world problem-solving.

#2: Teach more meaningful English:

Celebrate the joy of reading and writing with Wit & Wisdom®, a K–8 ELA curriculum that brings rich, knowledge-building content into your classroom. This curriculum enables students to learn deeply about an incredible array of cultural, historical, and scientific topics while building reading and writing skills and acquiring all the knowledge and vocabulary they can.

#3: Inspire students to wonder about the world—and empower them to make sense of it—through science:

Based on the new science standards and created by our team of teacher-writers and experts, PhD Science™ is an innovative elementary science curriculum through which students explore rich, compelling phenomena through observation, questioning, modeling, hands-on investigation, and evidence-based argumentation.

#4: Help emerging readers read to learn while learning to read:

Created in collaboration with Wilson Language Training, Geodes® is a collection of accessible, knowledge-building books for emerging and developing readers. These texts give the youngest readers a sense of the world of knowledge they are unlocking—and it’s a collection so dazzling that we named it Geodes®. Each of these gems is highly engaging, beautifully written, and carefully designed to be accessible by reinforcing learned phonics patterns … all the while engaging students in learning valuable content and increasing vocabulary.

#5: Reprioritize history in the classroom:

The Alexandria Plan organizes U.S. and world history into 36 eras, providing a collection of resources for each era. Instructional materials include era summaries, suggested anchor texts, text studies, and performance assessments—collectively providing a firm foundation for standards-based instruction.

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