Great Minds, creator of Eureka Math® and Wit & Wisdom™, is proud to introduce an exemplary new elementary science program: PhD Science™. Based on the new science standards and created by our team of teacher–writers and experts, this innovative curriculum inspires students to wonder about the world and empowers them to make sense of it. 


PhD Science is a phenomena driven curriculum. Students explore rich, compelling phenomena through observation, questioning, modeling, investigation and evidence-based argumentation. Each module weaves a coherent storyline of science concepts that help students make sense of the phenomena they investigate.  

Phenomena-based learning
Student artwork demonstrating understanding of energy transformations.

PhD Science is based on the Next Generation Science Standards and A Framework for K–12 Education. The curriculum incorporates a three-dimensional approach in science education focusing on hands-on, student-driven learning and away from rote memorization. In each module, students build deep scientific understanding by engaging in inquiry and applying science and engineering practices to explore phenomena, revealing core ideas and cross cutting concepts across science domains. 


As students explore the anchor phenomenon in each module, they make content connections to English language arts, math, history, art, and more. Each module includes nonfiction, informational texts that support or explain the science while giving students an opportunity to practice and strengthen literacy skills. Art is featured in each module to expose students to works of art, make science accessible to more students, and extend and support science learning. 

Student reading informational text about windmills.

"Great Minds did transform the way my students look at science, but it also transformed the way I look at science. Before this, science was an acquisition of facts. We read from a book and we answered questions. But it was never an experience generated by the students. This curriculum is a science experience."  Susan Warren, pilot teacher in Owensboro, KY