Great Minds® has designed a range of professional development resources to support schools and districts as they implement PhD Science™. Created by our team of teacher–writers and experts, these resources demonstrate the same careful attention to coherence that characterizes the curriculum as a whole.


We encourage all educators new to PhD Science to participate in PD so they can gain experience with hands-on investigations and observe how teachers help guide student learning and understanding. Sessions are designed to give educators dedicated time to study the curriculum deeply, to build knowledge, and to practice applying instructional strategies that will set them up for successful implementation. There are several pathways to experience in-person PD—from National Institutes, which take place in summer and fall, to on-site PD hosted by a school or district.

This summer Great Minds will host National Institutes and facilitate a number of district-hosted Regional open enrollment PD events. Our PD sessions provide educators with a meaningful learning experience and an opportunity to collaborate with peers and engage with an incredible community of educators. Click the link below to find dates and locations for PhD Science sessions.

National Institutes

If you have questions about our PD sessions or need guidance with planning, please contact our PD Services Team at